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Important information about our online will form

NB – Please read this information before proceeding to the form.
Our online will form is simple to use and makes making a will easier for you. It does not work for everyone. We recommend you make a appointment to see us if the online will form process does not meet your needs.

To use the online will form, you simply go through the form and fill in the details that apply to you. Where we use a legal word, you can click on a link to find out what the word means. You can also request an power of attorney.

Once you have completed the form, you click on the “submit will form” button. The form is then sent to us and a copy is sent to your email address. You will receive an automatically generated reply to acknowledge you have submitted the form. Please note that sending the form to us does not mean you have made a Will. Filling in the form, printing it and signing it does not create a valid Will.

Once we receive and review the form, we email you with details of our costs to prepare your will. Once you confirm your agreement with our costs, we then prepare a draft of your will and email the draft to you.

The next step is you make an appointment to see us. At that appointment we discuss any questions you have, your circumstances and any issues that might arise in relation to what you have included in your will. Usually any amendments to the draft will can be made at that appointment. You then sign your will.

We are happy to hold your original signed will in safe custody for you free of charge. We give you a photocopy of the signed will for your records.

Please note that the information you send us in the will form is subject to the strict solicitor/client duty of confidentiality and cannot be provided to any other person or organisation.

The online Will form is only available if you live in or are moving to Queensland, Australia. If you live in another state, territory or country, please contact a lawyer in that state, territory or country to make a Will.

Online Will Form

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Residuary estate (after any specific gifts): (more information)

First level:

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Second level (if all of the above die before you):

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